School choir performance

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas school choir performance!


Final choir

Today was the last choir of this year. We will start back up again when we return in the New Year.

To celebrate all of our wonderful performances so far we had a little boogie and a great sing song!

The Granary

What a fantastic performance by the year 5 and 6 members of our choir today! We were without a working CD so they sang a capella which sounded brilliant! The guests The Granary Hotel were very impressed and we even came away with a little gift from them!

Well done to all!


Hi all,

First of all, can I just say a big well done to everyone who was involved in the school performance last Thursday – you all did brilliantly! I was so engrossed with the performance though, that I forgot to take any photos! 😦

Just some reminders:

Year 5 and 6 are attending the Granary Hotel on Thursday for a Christmas performance in the afternoon. I have still got a few children who have not handed slips back to me so I will try and chase this up tomorrow (these snow days have thrown me off a bit!)

Year 4 are attending two local care homes on Friday for a Christmas performance in the afternoon. Again, I am still waiting on a few slips, but I will try and check with everyone tomorrow.

Thanks again for your continued enthusiasm with choir! I hope this carries on into the New Year!


Choir is on as usual tomorrow after school.

There will be letters handed out within the next few weeks letting you know of any performances.

We are currently in the process of sorting choir t-shirts also.


Miss Unwin


Hi all,

Letters for choir have been handed out today. There are two choirs this year.

Choir will start on 21st September and as usual, there are lots of performances to look forward to.

Depending on the amount of interest I receive, choir will be on a first come, first serve basis. There are about 60 places for years 4, 5 and 6 (give or take) and between 30-40 places for years 2 and 3.

We will let you know ASAP.

Thanks for your continued interest!


Tomorrow, Peters Hill are having a whole school music day!

I have arranged for each year group to focus on a composer e.g. Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Bach etc.

The children will be looking at their music and responding to it in a variety of ways i.e. through dance, art, descriptive writing, creating similar/contrasting pieces and poetry.

I hope that the children will really enjoy this day and I will update the blog with pictures and any great pieces of work that come from the day!

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